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summer play ideas list

19th 07 2018. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly


I have my summer sand bucket list all done, this covers all the big things i want to do over the summer. Things to see, places to go ect.

This is my play ideas list. I haven’t been great at keeping one of these over the last few months and I know it helps me feel inspired at play time with her rather than getting distracted by Instagram.


Sand Play – Neive is really getting into sand play now so I’m going to set up a sand play with loose parts. The Imagination Tree has a fab blog on this.

Chalk – I drew a little road on the patio the other day and she LOVED it. I’m going to go all out with this one a day and set all the cars outside and draws lots of roads out.

Bath Time – We have not done any bath play in ages 🙁 Neive is a bit obsessed with ducks at the moment so I’m going to get some craft foam and cut out some duck shapes for her to stick on the wall. This is inspired by a fab book we got for her birthday from the Works 

Messy Garden Play – I got the idea of making some jelly for Neive to play with outside from this post along with colouring some uncooked rice with food colour and hiding her toys in it.

Ice play – we have done this quite a few times now but I’m going to try an ice bath in our trug outside with toys in for some sensory play and then I have seen some fab frozen hands (frozen water in a glove) that I want to try out as well as painting with coloured ice cubes.

Mud Kitchen – Neive loves the mud kitchen at Forest School so I am going to set one up for her at home. We have the prefect area for it now we took a bush out and I just need some bowls, spoons and cups and she will have a blast.

Baking – I love baking with Neive (I need to steal for it first and remember to remain calm) but I do love it. I’m inspired by Cath from Baking With Kids insta account. I’m going to pull a few things out of her feed and make them with Neive. The party popcorn is top of the list and Neive loves pop coor (as she says).

That should keep us both busy for a bit! This afternoon we are doing the jelly play, we made it while getting lunch ready and hopfully it will be set when she wakes up from her nap.


Ellie x




summer sand bucket list 2018

12th 07 2018. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly


I made a list of all the things I wanted to do last summer and I didn’t do to badly, over half. Without a list I’m a bit like jelly fish just floating around from one week to the next.

A trip to a Lido was on last year’s list that never happened, but myself and Neive ticked that one of yesterday. I think I’d like to try out the Guildford one as well though.


My list for this year, before the sun goes:

  1. Get back to Anglesey for a few days (we had a few days in June for Neive’s birthday and it just wasn’t long enough)
  2. Aquarium (also one from last year we didn’t do)
  3. Sunday play date in the garden with friends
  4. NCT meet up to celebrate our two year olds
  5. Water based / play family day out
  6. One day family festival




my podcast list

15th 03 2018. Posted in Family Life, What I'v Learned by elliekelly

  My husband said to me the other day “why don’t you listen to fun podcasts”. Which I though was pretty funny as I was telling him about the latest Rachel Hollis podcast and how I was going to do her 5 to thrive for 30 days (drink more water, get up an hour early […]

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Handmade Gifts – cloud decoration

2nd 02 2018. Posted in Family Life, Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  I love crafting. I don’t really have a favourite type of craft, I just love to try new things out. I think my plan to handmake lots of gifts this year is going to really help me get back into crafting and making. This is decoration I made for my friends little boys 1st […]

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Handmade Gifts – Cookie Jar

21st 01 2018. Posted in Family Life, Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  A year of handmade gifts   The second gift I made for my friends little boy (see the Story Stick gift in this blog) was two cookie jars. One a choc chip cookie monster jar and one smarties rainbow jar. It took me a while to find a recipe that sounded good and then […]

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Handmade Gifts – Story Stick

21st 01 2018. Posted in Family Life, Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  A year of handmade gifts   My first handmade gifts of the year were a joy to come up with and make. And I have to say a kinda perfect one to start with. My friend’s little boy just turned 4 and has a lot of new toys to play with from Christmas and […]

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Intentions for 2018

4th 01 2018. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  I set Goals for my business, but I don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the setting yourself up to fail part. This year after some inspiration from Dawn French (I have her Me . You dairy) I have made a list of intentions. Maybe they are the the […]

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Summer Sand Bucket List

28th 07 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  When I was a kid the 8 weeks I had off for summer seemed like an eternity. Now I can’t even seen to fit in a picnic before the summers out. Not this year! I am making a list of all the family things I would like us to do, and of course that […]

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Bocketts Farm – family day out

14th 07 2017. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  As well as Neive’s party we did want to have a quite family day with her to celebrate, at the last minute we decided on Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We thought something with close up animal opportunities would be better than the Zoo at her age and none of us were quite up for […]

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Eric Carle 1st Birthday

10th 07 2017. Posted in Buttons Parties, Family Life by elliekelly

  That was the fastest year EVER!   I know it’s a cliché and everyone tells you how quickly they grow up but I really couldn’t comprehend just how fast time was going to go, or how fast Neive was going to grow up. She is walking around and it seems so normal that it’s […]

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