great Autumn books for kids

8th Nov 2018


I love reading and I love books.

When i was an LSA in my mums school one of my jobs was to do reading with the kids at a tiny table with tiny chairs outside the classroom in the atrium and i loved it. As someone who is dyslexia and struggled with reading as a kid it really helped me gain confidence.

One of things i was most excited about when i found out i was having Neive was reading to her when she was a baby, when she was older and could pick her own books like she does now and I am so excited about reading Harry Potter to her when she is older that we have a rule she cant watch the films until i have.

These are some of the books i have been reading too and looking at with Neive and my Little Explorers forest school groups this season.


The Squirrels who Squabbled by Rachel Bright & Jim Field

It a story about animals gathering food for the winter and how working together on mist things in life is much more fun that going it alone.

It Was a Cold, Dark Night by Tim Hopgood

A short story about a hedgehog called Ned who was looking for a home for the winter.



Autumn by Ailie Busby

A picture books all about the lovely thing to see and do in Autumn.


The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellseley

This book has lovely illustrations and is about a hedgehog who discovers it nice to have people around who can help you and whom you can help.

Room on the Broom by Julia Donalson & Alex Scheffler

A classic that is great for Halloween.


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Ellie x

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