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17th Sep 2018


I can’t call this blog zero waste as I’m a long way off. In the past i have been so overwhelmed about where to start that i haven’t started at all.

Doing my Forest School training and starting Wonderwood Explorers has opened me up to new people, new ways and i think changed me for the better. My life view is tilted a bit now and part of that is knowing i cant keep my head in the sand about how much stuff i buy, how much stuff i throw away and the effects that has.

From reading new blogs, listing to new podcasts, watching documentaries and planning forest school sessions I have started (very slowly) to make some changes.

I thought i would document these in case anyone else is looking to do the same and is unsure where to start.

I actually started by making a list of all the single use plastics i use in my work and one by one swapping them for better options. I am going to do a blog on this at a later date as this was a real eye opener.

After i got start on that, i moved on making a list of the single use plastic in our house and finding swaps for them.


“On one day last year, 2,500 plastic bottles were collected from the banks of the Thames –

water bottles were the most common type found”


Plastic water bottle – reusable 

I have been doing this one for a few years now. A good friend gave me a metal water bottle and this is what i fill and take with me to work and days out.

Cling Film & food bags – Beeswax food wraps

These i love. They range in cost from £3.99 on ebay for one to £20 for a high end pack of 3. My husbands work sells them and he got a pack of three for £15. Mine smelt quite strong when i first got them and i was a little be unsure if this would transfer to the food. But the wax smell faded pretty fast and it was never an issue. I have been looking into how you make your own as well so I’m going to give that a go later in the year when i need some more.



Straws – Paper straws

I haven’t gone the full hog and got a metal or bamboo straw as we don’t use them that often but i have popped a few paper straws in Neive’s bag so if we are out and the cafe only has plastic ones we can use one of these instead. The irony is i have popped them in a plastic bag 🙁 But the bag came with our food delivery and again it seemed more mad to throw it away than use it.

Soap & Shampoo bottles 

This one is on my list but i haven’t swap over yet. I think I’m going to start slow with a bar of soap and then move on to bar hair conditions and then when I’m really brave a shampoo. If your looking for some more info on why to swap from a gel to a bar this is a good post . I know what this lady’s sister means about squeaky soap so it might take me a while to find one i like.

Toothbrush – Bamboo brushes

The toothbrushes we have are still fine but when they do need swapping i have some lovely bamboo ones waiting for us. I got them early as there was 10% off at the no plastic shop and with them costing £3.99 each I didn’t want to miss the offer. I will do an update on instagram when we get around to testing them out.

Baby Wipes 

I’m going to try and make my own baby wipes!!!    I know, who even am I!

I watched a video ages ago about a lady making her own (it was a save money tip rather then reduce plastic), I’m up for both. This is the video I’m going to follow . I have ordered some of the reusable travel pouches she has in this video. £3.80 for three inc delivery and I’m going to see what Tupperware i have that might do before i look into buying on of these. I will do an update on this DIY on insta as well.



Anyone have any tops tips? I would love you to share them with me.

Ellie x



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