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day in the life

10th Feb 2019

    Of me… The lovely Laura from Power of Mum had done a blog on me. Laura is a coach and pretty inspirational. She is a mum, teacher, singer and runs a company. So she gets it. I met Laura at one of her Supper Clubs in Guildford and it was a fantastic night. […]

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keeping commitments to myself

13th Apr 2018

  Sometimes I just annoy myself with all the things I say I’m going to do but don’t. I don’t think I’m alone in this one. I think maybe lots of us do this? Tell me it’s not just me. And this isnt breaking commitments to others. This is me letting myself down. I’m reading a new […]

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my podcast list

15th Mar 2018

  My husband said to me the other day “why don’t you listen to fun podcasts”. Which I though was pretty funny as I was telling him about the latest Rachel Hollis podcast and how I was going to do her 5 to thrive for 30 days (drink more water, get up an hour early […]

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How to measure your success

6th Feb 2018

  With your own ruler. In the dictionary is says “the attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like” I used to measure my business / life like this. How much money have I made, what new things have I brought, do I have more clients, have I worked with bigger brands and more celebrities this year than last. It’s exhausting. It’s a […]

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What I’v learned – Branding

29th Jan 2018

  The most important step in starting a new business or moving a business forward. In 2011 I started Buttons. It was not a big grand plan. The aim was to work from home so i could have a dog and be in a the position i wanted to when i had kids. I made […]

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from superwoman syndrome blog

No superwoman here

1st Jul 2013

  I’m afraid it’s true. I hoped it wasn’t but hayho. I am not super woman.   Picture from:   Some times when you have lots of balls in the air you need to pop one of them on the floor for a little bit and pick it up later when the wind has […]

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Did we win? Kind of!

12th Jun 2013

  As some of you might have seen *little cough* Buttons was nominated for a What’s on 4 Junior award and I was asking for votes to see if we could get to the short list of three. Well the votes are in, but I’m sorry to say we did not make it 🙁  The […]

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A big challange – Lets win an award

12th Apr 2013

  Happy Friday everyone A few weeks ago Buttons was nominated for the Best Children Party Entertainment award from What’s on 4 Junior. Yippy! A big thank you if you nominated us, it really means so much. Now though we have a bigger challenge. We need to get enough votes to win and we are up […]

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