places to see Santa in Surrey / Hampshire

22nd Nov 2018


We have been on the search for places to take Nevie to see Father Christmas and I thought i would share the places that i found that i really loved the look of. There are lots more than this including tons of garden centres ect but these are the ones that caught my imagination.



Watercress Line 

When you go to this site first how magical is the artwork! It goes from two Hampshire locations and is a hour round trip on an old train with a visit from Santa, a gift, activity pack and sing songs. We could not find a date that worked for us for this year but it’s a definite for next.


Boat trip in Guildford

I haven’t heard anything about this prior to finding it online but it sounds pretty sweet. A little trip down the river to seach out santa. They didn’t have enough spaces for out group of 7 so we haven’t done this one this year.


Canal trip in Basingstoke

This one we are doing as a family. I have known about this for a few years now with friends having taking there children. I even heard people que for hours to get tickets when they come on sale. It’s a little canal ride to some woods where your go into a yurt to see santa and get a gift before heading back to get a hot choc. Lucky we go the last three for a afternoon trip on the 11th December. I cant wait!


This one were are doing with friends. We have booked just the Santa experience and not to go about the park. Its a good price when there are 7 of you and our plan is to head over to Alice Holt for a walk and I’m sure we will pack some flasks of hot choc and treats as well.


Lapland UK 

I have heard only good things about this but at £50 pp it is not one that we will be doing when Neive is so little. I had a little look and they do still have a few tickets let but they start at £75 pp so if your interested get booking as they go up to £120pp.


Bocketts Farm

This is a new one for me but it looks pretty sweet and we do like it at Bocketts so it would would a nice day out.


Hatchlands Park 

I do really like Hatchlands and this has the potential to be lovely.


Winchester Science Centre 

This looks fab for older kids! I love the idea behind this experience. There is a science show, elf activity and planetarium show as well.


Finkley Down Farm 

This looks just wonderful. I haven’t been to this farm but it will be on my do to list for next year and i will looking to book this next year as well. A great list of activities to make it a real fun day out.


Only 8 days until the 1st December!

I am trying to make the whole of December full of magical moments so that all the emphasis is not just on the big day it’s self. If you have any December family traditions i would love to hear them.




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