ice art

24th Jan 2019


Maybe not quite art but i think they are very pretty.

As it’s been so cold in Hampshire this week we have been making some ice balloon balls at forest school and myself and Neive made some ice discs at home.


Both are really easy to do.

  • Collect some lovely nature treasure such as flowers, pine leaves, lichen and berries
  • pop them into a balloon
  • Fill the balloon with some water (not to fill, bout the size of a grapefruit)
  • put outside if it’s die to be less – temperatures or less or pop in the freezer



For this one again collect some nature treasures then

  • add them to a cupcake baking tray
  • pour in about 1.5cm of water
  • cut some twine and add it to some or all of the sections by dipping the ends in


We are due some warmer weather this weekend but a freeze next Monday so i will be doing this age i think as it was such a big hit with Neive.


Ellie x



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