great Autumn books for kids

8th 11 2018. Posted in Family, Making & Baking, Forest School by elliekelly


I love reading and I love books.

When i was an LSA in my mums school one of my jobs was to do reading with the kids at a tiny table with tiny chairs outside the classroom in the atrium and i loved it. As someone who is dyslexia and struggled with reading as a kid it really helped me gain confidence.

One of things i was most excited about when i found out i was having Neive was reading to her when she was a baby, when she was older and could pick her own books like she does now and I am so excited about reading Harry Potter to her when she is older that we have a rule she cant watch the films until i have.

These are some of the books i have been reading too and looking at with Neive and my Little Explorers forest school groups this season.


The Squirrels who Squabbled by Rachel Bright & Jim Field

It a story about animals gathering food for the winter and how working together on mist things in life is much more fun that going it alone.

It Was a Cold, Dark Night by Tim Hopgood

A short story about a hedgehog called Ned who was looking for a home for the winter.



Autumn by Ailie Busby

A picture books all about the lovely thing to see and do in Autumn.


The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellseley

This book has lovely illustrations and is about a hedgehog who discovers it nice to have people around who can help you and whom you can help.

Room on the Broom by Julia Donalson & Alex Scheffler

A classic that is great for Halloween.


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Ellie x


everything I wanted i have… and yet

1st 10 2018. Posted in Family, Making & Baking by elliekelly

Everything i wanted i have…. and yet



Almost all the things i wanted last year, 3 years ago, 5 years ago (and i mean on the real list, not the win the lotto list) i have. And yet i have a whole new list and i’m not really appreciating the other stuff.


I momentarily appreciate it.  I look at Neive and think holy cow she is just the best thing in the whole world and I’m bloody lucky (we lost a baby pre Neive and then it took 18 months to conceive). I think wow don’t we live in a lovely area (we had a two bed flat before this and i love our garden and local walks), i remember i run my own business, scrap that, i run two businesses (and that was a mega dream of mine and they have been bigger than i ever expected).

But life just moves on and we want more things.

Is it the Amazon effect i wonder? Life just moving super fast.

I work fairly hard at keeping myself in check these days, i take a breath when there is a long queue in the shop, when i think customer service isn’t as good as i think it could be and when someone does something silly on the road.

I guess this is why mindfulness is becoming such a big thing. A way to take yourself out of yourself for a little bit, and focus on the great stuff in your life.

I’m going to have a little challenge with myself. A focus for me this October is going to be starting the day with a list of the things i am doing well, that I’m looking forward to and that are great about my life. And then I’m going to look at my days to do list and plan it out with the realisation that i will not get it done and it will all be just fine.

Hopefully that will ease the sense of dread i have been feeling about not getting thongs done or what the future holds.

Let see, hopeful it will bring with it some clam.

Ellie x





acorn hunt

1st 10 2018. Posted in Forest School by elliekelly

  One of our Autumn session at forest school this year has been a little acorn hunt, but with a twist.   We asked the children (with help of their parents) to collect 6 acorns from around the site and then go and hide them all in different places. This is just what the squirrels […]

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going greener

17th 09 2018. Posted in Family, Making & Baking by elliekelly

  I can’t call this blog zero waste as I’m a long way off. In the past i have been so overwhelmed about where to start that i haven’t started at all. Doing my Forest School training and starting Wonderwood Explorers has opened me up to new people, new ways and i think changed me […]

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craft binoculars

2nd 09 2018. Posted in Forest School by elliekelly

  We made some binoculars this week so Neive could go bird spotting. She is super keen on looking out for birds and then naming all their parts “wings, two wings, beak” ect. It’s super cute 🙂   You could use anything to decorate your toilet rolls but we used paint sticks, washi tape and […]

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summer goodie bag giveaway

16th 08 2018. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

Every season I do a giveaway to my fun mail subscribers, this time I thought I would open it up on Instagram and Facebook as well. Who doesn’t need a bag full of fun in the summer holidays!   The prize includes: Bubble wand Magic bubbles Two set of stickers Two mini puzzles Chocolate coins Haribo […]

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easy party treats to wow guests

14th 08 2018. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  If your looking for some fast party treats to wow guests them these three shoudl be top of your selciton list. Chocolate spoons:    You will need: Spoons (I’m cutting down on single use plastic so next time would use my own tea spoons) but if you already have plastic ones then they work […]

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Petal Printing

25th 07 2018. Posted in Forest School by elliekelly

  I think this has to be my favourite nature craft we have done with the kids at Forest School. It’s so easy but looks so pretty, this is a kids craft you want to hang up at home!     You will need: Matierial – It needs to be light in colour but can […]

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summer play ideas list

19th 07 2018. Posted in Family, Making & Baking by elliekelly

  I have my summer sand bucket list all done, this covers all the big things i want to do over the summer. Things to see, places to go ect. This is my play ideas list. I haven’t been great at keeping one of these over the last few months and I know it helps […]

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summer sand bucket list 2018

12th 07 2018. Posted in Family, Making & Baking by elliekelly

  I made a list of all the things I wanted to do last summer and I didn’t do to badly, over half. Without a list I’m a bit like jelly fish just floating around from one week to the next. A trip to a Lido was on last year’s list that never happened, but […]

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