Not how I planned my first blog back from MAT leave

19th Mar 2020

  Hello out there. I really hope your are not feeling alone at this time. Never in a million years did any of us think we would be sending the messages or writing the words that we are currently finding our-self typing. I am beyond sad that I wont be able to help children celebrate […]

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Autumn activities to get you outside.

23rd Sep 2019

  Some of the things i will be getting up to with Neive this Autumn.   Collect colourful leaves. As simple as that. And if you want to get creative then put them in a flower press and hang them from a twig for some Autumn art.   Print out a free Autumn spotter poster. […]

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growing you can see

6th May 2019

  This week in our Little Explorers club we were looking at seeds and plants. For those that could drag themselves away for the mud kitchen we had water colour painting of flowers with labels for the roots, steam, leaf and flower / petals. We also have the Little Seed book for the children to […]

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day in the life

10th Feb 2019

    Of me… The lovely Laura from Power of Mum had done a blog on me. Laura is a coach and pretty inspirational. She is a mum, teacher, singer and runs a company. So she gets it. I met Laura at one of her Supper Clubs in Guildford and it was a fantastic night. […]

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Geocaching with kids

7th Feb 2019

  Let me start by saying I am not writing this blog with any kind of expert background. I have done this once. Yes once. But i think its fantastic and wanted to share it with you all. I am part of the Nurture Nature – Lets go play outside facebook group run by Claire […]

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ice art

24th Jan 2019

  Maybe not quite art but i think they are very pretty. As it’s been so cold in Hampshire this week we have been making some ice balloon balls at forest school and myself and Neive made some ice discs at home.   Both are really easy to do. Collect some lovely nature treasure such […]

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bird activities for the weekend

17th Jan 2019

  In the lead up to the big garden birdwatch next weekend why not spend this weekend doing some bird activities with the kids. I have been making bird feeders with the children at forest school this week and these are two pretty simple but fun ones to make. You might even have all you […]

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party themes

11th Jan 2019

  This inst really a 2019 list as so many party themes are current every year and should not be over looked. Not a month has gone by when we have not done a princess or pirate party, and long may it continue. I popped this list on the Buttons facebook page a week or […]

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my words for 2019

3rd Jan 2019

  My word for 2019 is Focus And this year I have picked a family word as well,¬†Explore I first came across this a few years ago and have dabbled with picking a word for the year last year but it didn’t really stick. So much happens in a year doesn’t it. I cant promise […]

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neon / glow / uv party

9th Dec 2018

  This is a great party theme for children 7 + years old. It brings the traditional disco party up to date and adds in a whole lot of decorating fun. Glow Party For this type of party would should have everything that glows on your list. Such as glow bracelets, glow sticks, glow kits […]

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nature advent

9th Dec 2018

  My mum Jill runs my forest school sessions with me and is amazing. An ex teacher and font on knowledge on nature she is the perfect person to work with. She collected lots of twisted hazel from our family holiday place on Anglesey this year and we used it at out last festive forest […]

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potato print wrapping paper

22nd Nov 2018

  I try to get most Christmas shopping done in November to ease the pressure on December and this year while looking for wrapping paper i remembered that a lot of the ones i got last year could not be recycled.   My plan this year was to make my own. I got a roll […]

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