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glow in the dark bath

15th Mar 2018

  I have been planning some fun things to do with Neive on a Sunday evening for the week ahead. One my list for this week was a glow bath. I have done a glow stick bath before but thought I would up my game. I did some on line searches and found a post […]

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Handmade Gifts – cloud decoration

2nd Feb 2018

  I love crafting. I don’t really have a favourite type of craft, I just love to try new things out. I think my plan to handmake lots of gifts this year is going to really help me get back into crafting and making. This is decoration I made for my friends little boys 1st […]

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Handmade Gifts – Cookie Jar

21st Jan 2018

  A year of handmade gifts   The second gift I made for my friends little boy (see the Story Stick gift in this blog) was two cookie jars. One a choc chip cookie monster jar and one smarties rainbow jar. It took me a while to find a recipe that sounded good and then […]

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Handmade Gifts – Story Stick

21st Jan 2018

  A year of handmade gifts   My first handmade gifts of the year were a joy to come up with and make. And I have to say a kinda perfect one to start with. My friend’s little boy just turned 4 and has a lot of new toys to play with from Christmas and […]

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Intentions for 2018

4th Jan 2018

  I set Goals for my business, but I don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the setting yourself up to fail part. This year after some inspiration from Dawn French (I have her Me . You dairy) I have made a list of intentions. Maybe they are the the […]

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Toddler stocking gift and box craft

11th Dec 2017

  This is a super easy toddler stocking filler and also gives your toddler a fun but calm craft to do later in the day or on boxing day. You need: A little box or bag A selection of box decorating crafts such as crayons, stickers and gems. Don’t be tempted to use felt tips […]

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Baby nature play

Baby play – Egg carton & Nature

7th Aug 2017

  Neive has LOVED all the time outside over the last few weeks (lets hope for more sun though) and has been very keen to touch all the plants and flowers. I made up a little nature egg box for her to discover the other day and it was a hit, the egg box just […]

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Fruit Picking

Summer Sand Bucket List

28th Jul 2017

  When I was a kid the 8 weeks I had off for summer seemed like an eternity. Now I can’t even seen to fit in a picnic before the summers out. Not this year! I am making a list of all the family things I would like us to do, and of course that […]

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Bocketts Farm - Neive

Bocketts Farm – family day out

14th Jul 2017

  As well as Neive’s party we did want to have a quite family day with her to celebrate, at the last minute we decided on Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We thought something with close up animal opportunities would be better than the Zoo at her age and none of us were quite up for […]

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Eric Carle 1st Birthday Party

Eric Carle 1st Birthday

10th Jul 2017

  That was the fastest year EVER!   I know it’s a cliché and everyone tells you how quickly they grow up but I really couldn’t comprehend just how fast time was going to go, or how fast Neive was going to grow up. She is walking around and it seems so normal that it’s […]

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Baby play with Ice

Baby sensory play with ice

19th Jun 2017

  This is the perfect baby sensory play on days as hot as these! It’s sooo hot!! I do love the sun and the heat but i would rather be on holiday when it’s this hot, by a pool with a cold drink. Running around after a baby and hosting kid’s parties in 30+ heat […]

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Baby balloon play

Baby play with balloons

19th Jun 2017

  So simple and yet so much fun. With a garage full of balloon and helium Neive has been playing with a balloon for some time. When she was around 54 and a half months old I would tie a loop in the end of the string and put it around her foot. She loved […]

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