Autumn activities to get you outside.

23rd Sep 2019


Some of the things i will be getting up to with Neive this Autumn.


Collect colourful leaves. As simple as that. And if you want to get creative then put them in a flower press and hang them from a twig for some Autumn art.


Print out a free Autumn spotter poster. This will give you all a mission when your outside in the bright crisp days to come. We have the Autumn wildlife detective and leaf sheets from the Wildlifes Trusts on the wall in the living room at the moment and are collecting leaves when out and ticking off the wildlife we see.

Blackberry picking. And if your little ones don’t eat them all by the timer you get home make an apple and blackberry crumble! This is the recipe i use and it’s delicious (we might already have had two). Or you could do Blackberry cupcakes, just squish a handful of blackberries with a squeeze of lemon, push the pulp though a sieve and mix the juice into your butter cream to ice some yummy vanilla cupcakes.


Scented play dough. We are almost out of the shop play dough and so making some Autumn scented dough is top of the list. This recipe is very similar to one my mum uses so i’m going to give it a try with cinnamon.

Autumn picnic. Go on a walk somewhere new and take a little picnic of hot chocolate and oat biscuits with you.

Conker marbling. We did this at a play group last Autumn and the art work is still on the fridge 🙂 Get out and collect some conkers and then in a tray or old cardboard box place a bit of paper at the bottom. Add in some paint splodges in your choice of colours and then add one or two conkers and roll them around to make some great patterns.


Go out in the dark. Sunset is now at around 7pm so we shall be doing a couple of pre bed time walks around our area. Neive loves a torch and still remembers doing these last year.

Hedgehog rolls. I can not wait to make these with Neive. We mostly bake cakes and treats in the kitchen and i have been on the look out for some savoy things shew will enjoy. This is number 1 on the list. I think we might team the baking time with reading The Very Helpful Hedgehog.



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