bird activities for the weekend

17th Jan 2019


In the lead up to the big garden birdwatch next weekend why not spend this weekend doing some bird activities with the kids.

I have been making bird feeders with the children at forest school this week and these are two pretty simple but fun ones to make. You might even have all you need at home.

Apple bird feeder

  • push two sticks, bamboo or bits of dowel though an apple
  • twist one screw into the top of the apple (we found the stalk was not enough to hold the apples)
  • push in some seeds such as sunflower seeds
  • hang in garden and see how comes to feast

Apple bird feeder

Cheerios bird feeder

  • get as many pipe clears as you fancy
  • thread on Cheerios
  • make them any shape you like and loop ends together
  • hang in garden and see who likes your breakfast

cheerio bird feeder


Learn different types of bird song  

This is a great book for learning more about birds and the noises they make. I love to think i would be able to i.d a bird from it’s song. So far i have two learnt (one is a the crow which is a bit like cheating in know) and hope to learn two more in the next few months.


Go on a bird hunt 

The woodland trust have this great bird hunt sheet you can print off and home and take with you on your next walk. It’s ideal for little ones as it is not asking for the names of birds but for you to spot what they are doing.


Sign up for your Big Garden Birdwatch taking part from the 26th – 28th January. 


If your looking for a craft to go with your weekend of birds why not make your own binoculars! Take a look at this past post to see what we did.


Ellie x


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