my words for 2019

3rd Jan 2019


My word for 2019 is Focus

And this year I have picked a family word as well, Explore

I first came across this a few years ago and have dabbled with picking a word for the year last year but it didn’t really stick. So much happens in a year doesn’t it.

I cant promise i will live the next 365 days by these words but at the moment they seem like a very good idea to keep me on track. And to help me keep clarity i am going to do some art work for each one and put it up in the house.



A lot has changed over the last few years and i have just been rolling along like normal, i don’t think I really sat back and thought about how much has changed and how i need to change the business and the work I’m doing with my new life as a mum. This year I’m doing just that, new plans, new ventures and trying new things. So for all of that I need some big focus. I love working but i need to make sure i book in the time to do it otherwise i find i have spent the evening with the t.v again and it gets me down. I’m scheduling the shiz out of everything this year.



This one is pretty ideal for us as a family. Forest school (Wonderwood Explorers) has become an family affair with myself and my mum running the sessions and Mark bringing Neive to one a week and helping us pack up. I know I’m am going to look back at these days with all of us in the wood and think i didn’t know how good i had it.

We have been very organised and booked in our family holiday time already. We will be going to Anglesey twice, Ireland once and have a weekend in Dorset planned for the spring. We will also be doing lots of exploring closer to home with new walks, seasonal investigations and fun with friends.


Ellie x





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