nature advent

9th Dec 2018


My mum Jill runs my forest school sessions with me and is amazing. An ex teacher and font on knowledge on nature she is the perfect person to work with.

She collected lots of twisted hazel from our family holiday place on Anglesey this year and we used it at out last festive forest school session of this year. We made a nature hanging advent from it and the idea is to add something to it everyday of December. Something made, something found a note or event a photo of your day.


So far we have a mini pom pom made at forest school, glitter pine cone, red leaves, dried orange slices I made with Neive, some twigs we think are alder, white mans beard seeds, acorn cups, a photo of a festive meal with fiends and holly leaves.



This is the first time i have done this but it will definitely be one of our yearly traditions form now on. Neive loves to point out all the items and tell me about them (even if i was with her when we found them / made them 🙂


Ellie x


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