potato print wrapping paper

22nd Nov 2018


I try to get most Christmas shopping done in November to ease the pressure on December and this year while looking for wrapping paper i remembered that a lot of the ones i got last year could not be recycled.


My plan this year was to make my own. I got a roll of eco brown paper and myself and Neive have been potato printing sections every now and then. It’s works so well because it fills in a spots of the day when i might be struck for an activity and we now have quite a good supply of wrapping paper sheets.

The first lot we did were gold and sliver stars and then presents. I cut the potatoes to shape for us both and we got stamping. I also did a few sheets where Neive could go crazy with the stamp and do what ever she wanted!

I have some more cotton twine on order to tied them all up and I also got some paper washi tape to seal them so people don’t have to faff with getting all the sellotape off first.



Next is the Christmas cards is make!

Only 7 days till December 🙂


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