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9th Dec 2018


This is a great party theme for children 7 + years old. It brings the traditional disco party up to date and adds in a whole lot of decorating fun.

Black Light Party Supplies - Glow in the Dark Party Ideas - Party City

Glow Party

For this type of party would should have everything that glows on your list. Such as glow bracelets, glow sticks, glow kits (they come like glow bracelets but you get extra connectors and can make thing like balls with them), glow cups, glow necklaces, wands, foam swords. Also fill the room with disco lights and led balloons.

This is a great site for glow party decorations and ideas.

Neon / UV Party 

This one will take a bit more work as you will need a black light to make everything pop. I have read that the glow tubes lights are by far the best ones to get and will give you much more coverage than a bulb. I would test this out. I have a bulb on a clip light so it can be moved around and attached to tables.

On your list should be Neon & UV decorations such as balloons, banners, table covers, cups, plates and neon garlands. This is a great site. 

I would get your black light and go around the house with it (you can get pretty inexpensive black light torches) because you might be surprised with the number of things you already have the react to uv light.


With both parties you need to make sure the room you are using is really dark. Tape the edges of blinds or cover windows if you need. You can even by glow tape to do this with.

For both parties shave a great selection of fun dress up bits for the kids such as glasses, face paint and glow tattoos. Then get the music on and get them dancing. Games could also include a dance off, over and unders with glow balloons, smartie race using glow cups and strike a pose.

This is a link to my glow / neon party pintrest board. 

Uv neon party ideas


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