Easter Egg Bath

2nd 04 2018. Posted in Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly


It has been ALL about Easter in my house this week, I’m making the most of work being quiter and Easter is quite possibly my favourite holiday. I love Christmas but it’s all work, work, work in December and April is a much calmer month.

I got my inspiration for this bath when I was looking into ways to do my Glow Bath. It was on Happy Toddler Play Time

I didn’t give Neive the bowls and the spoons this time as she was having a quite a nice time just throwing them and we started moving them around based on their colour so I thought I would keep the other bits back for her bath tonight.



Neive is starting to understand colours, it’s still a bit hit and miss but she did have fun moving the eggs from one end of the bath to the other based on the colours (with a little help).



I got a great tip on Instagram for an ice play bath so i will be doing that one soon! Do you have any favourite bath themes?


Ellie x




Science Party

23rd 03 2018. Posted in Parties by elliekelly


I’m posting this party just a little late, and I’m going to totaly blame Neive.

My party company Buttons does a pretty cool Science party with dry Ice and slime. After chatting with Jo from the Pretty Little Party Shop it sounded just what her daughter was looking for. So Sarah from the team did the entertainment and Jo did all the themeing and made the house look amazing!

I would have loved to have been at the party myself but, (this is where i blame Neive for not posting the pic’s sooner) I had a 9 day old baby at the time. I rember Jo sending me the photos but then … well Nevie is now 21 months.

Any way. Sarah had a blast and Jo’s daughter said it was the best party ever. Win Win Win.

Sarah started with the touchable bubbles and then there was a dry ice show inc bubbles bombs, screamming metal, tube foam and making smoke signals.


And to finish of the science they child all made oobleck slime and exploded some coke in the garden with metoes.



I am so delighted to be sharing this party with you, even if a little late.

You can take a look at the Pretty Little Party Shop and all there amazing party bits here

Ellie x




mermaid party

19th 03 2018. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

    We have worked on a few Mermaid / Under the Sea parties recentley. I love the mix of colours with the touch of  irredencent.   This balloon bubble backdrop was for a sweertie table in Lonodn. I just love the effect of this!         We dressed the party tables with […]

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st patricks day fun

17th 03 2018. Posted in Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  Happy St Patrick’s Day We had a little hunt for tresure at the end of a rainbow this monring. I thought it only right to mark the day seeing as Neive’s daddy is Irish. We made it outside just before the snow started and Neive filled her bucket up with gold. She is quite […]

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glow in the dark bath

15th 03 2018. Posted in Magical Moments at Home by elliekelly

  I have been planning some fun things to do with Neive on a Sunday evening for the week ahead. One my list for this week was a glow bath. I have done a glow stick bath before but thought I would up my game. I did some on line searches and found a post […]

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my podcast list

15th 03 2018. Posted in Family Life, What I'v Learned by elliekelly

  My husband said to me the other day “why don’t you listen to fun podcasts”. Which I though was pretty funny as I was telling him about the latest Rachel Hollis podcast and how I was going to do her 5 to thrive for 30 days (drink more water, get up an hour early […]

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Cress planting with kids

13th 03 2018. Posted in Magical Moments in Nature by elliekelly

    This activity was a big hit and Forest School a few weeks ago and one that kept giving joy. I have been sent a photo of the cress growing by one exciting child and another one  brought his back to show us how big it had got before he took it home and […]

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Balloon Ice Ball

9th 03 2018. Posted in Magical Moments in Nature by elliekelly

  This is such a lovely outdoor activity and craft to do with kids. I did this with my Forest School club a few weeks ago and they loved finding all the treasures, getting a bit wet filling the balloons and then opening them to see how magical they looked once frozen. I also loved […]

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How to pick a child’s party venue

16th 02 2018. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  You don’t know what you don’t know. So, when it comes to planning a child’s party, if you haven’t done it before then there is a whole lot to learn and I hope this post helps when picking a venue. Home – I think your home is a lovely option for younger children and […]

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How to measure your success

6th 02 2018. Posted in What I'v Learned by elliekelly

  With your own ruler. In the dictionary is says “the attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like” I used to measure my business / life like this. How much money have I made, what new things have I brought, do I have more clients, have I worked with bigger brands and more celebrities this year than last. It’s exhausting. It’s a […]

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