places to see Santa in Surrey / Hampshire

22nd Nov 2018

  We have been on the search for places to take Nevie to see Father Christmas and I thought i would share the places that i found that i really loved the look of. There are lots more than this including tons of garden centres ect but these are the ones that caught my imagination. […]

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great Autumn books for kids

8th Nov 2018

  I love reading and I love books. When i was an LSA in my mums school one of my jobs was to do reading with the kids at a tiny table with tiny chairs outside the classroom in the atrium and i loved it. As someone who is dyslexia and struggled with reading as a […]

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everything I wanted i have… and yet

1st Oct 2018

Everything i wanted i have…. and yet     Almost all the things i wanted last year, 3 years ago, 5 years ago (and i mean on the real list, not the win the lotto list) i have. And yet i have a whole new list and i’m not really appreciating the other stuff.   […]

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acorn hunt

1st Oct 2018

  One of our Autumn session at forest school this year has been a little acorn hunt, but with a twist.   We asked the children (with help of their parents) to collect 6 acorns from around the site and then go and hide them all in different places. This is just what the squirrels […]

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going greener

17th Sep 2018

  I can’t call this blog zero waste as I’m a long way off. In the past i have been so overwhelmed about where to start that i haven’t started at all. Doing my Forest School training and starting Wonderwood Explorers has opened me up to new people, new ways and i think changed me […]

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craft binoculars

2nd Sep 2018

  We made some binoculars this week so Neive could go bird spotting. She is super keen on looking out for birds and then naming all their parts “wings, two wings, beak” ect. It’s super cute 🙂   You could use anything to decorate your toilet rolls but we used paint sticks, washi tape and […]

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summer goodie bag giveaway

16th Aug 2018

Every season I do a giveaway to my fun mail subscribers, this time I thought I would open it up on Instagram and Facebook as well. Who doesn’t need a bag full of fun in the summer holidays!   The prize includes: Bubble wand Magic bubbles Two set of stickers Two mini puzzles Chocolate coins Haribo […]

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easy party treats to wow guests

14th Aug 2018

  If your looking for some fast party treats to wow guests them these three shoudl be top of your selciton list. Chocolate spoons:    You will need: Spoons (I’m cutting down on single use plastic so next time would use my own tea spoons) but if you already have plastic ones then they work […]

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Petal Printing

25th Jul 2018

  I think this has to be my favourite nature craft we have done with the kids at Forest School. It’s so easy but looks so pretty, this is a kids craft you want to hang up at home!     You will need: Matierial – It needs to be light in colour but can […]

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summer play ideas list

19th Jul 2018

  I have my summer sand bucket list all done, this covers all the big things i want to do over the summer. Things to see, places to go ect. This is my play ideas list. I haven’t been great at keeping one of these over the last few months and I know it helps […]

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summer sand bucket list 2018

12th Jul 2018

  I made a list of all the things I wanted to do last summer and I didn’t do to badly, over half. Without a list I’m a bit like jelly fish just floating around from one week to the next. A trip to a Lido was on last year’s list that never happened, but […]

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adopt a cat party

4th Jun 2018

  I love finding the perfect party for a child. The brief for this Buttons party was a cat theme with some crafts and games. After chatting though some options I mentioned a lovely adopt a cat party I had seen on Pintrest and the birthday girls mum thought it would be perfect. With this […]

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