Not how I planned my first blog back from MAT leave

19th Mar 2020


Hello out there.

I really hope your are not feeling alone at this time.

Never in a million years did any of us think we would be sending the messages or writing the words that we are currently finding our-self typing.

I am beyond sad that I wont be able to help children celebrate their specials days over the coming weeks. What a hard thing it is to tell your child that their party will not be going ahead when planned and that they wont be going to school and seeing there friends for a while either.

We are in uncharted territory and all we can do is be kind to ourselves with how we navigate this and kind to all around us.

While trying to think how i could help the children (and parents) who will not be able to leave the house on their birthday I posted a plan on Facebook to make up some birthday packs to either be collected from my house in Fleet or posted next week.

The feedback has been that this would be something very helpful so I am opening it up to more.

Party at home:

  • Family pass the parcel with fun challenges in each layer
  • Balloons for decorating and games
  • Bubbles wands with game ideas
  • Pin the tail game
  • Gold chocolate coins and hunt clues for you to create a treasure hunt around your home and garden
  • Birthday badge
  • Medal for a dance competition

£20 + postage (or free collection from GU51 5TS)

If you would like one of these sent out please do email me I will make as many as i can next week and get them out before we all go into lock down and i am unable to send any more.


I will be sharing play ideas and outdoor activities on my facebook and Instagram feeds so do pop over and join me. Links below.


Lets make the next few months full of fun and play for our little ones.

Ellie x



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