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6th May 2019


This week in our Little Explorers club we were looking at seeds and plants.

For those that could drag themselves away for the mud kitchen we had water colour painting of flowers with labels for the roots, steam, leaf and flower / petals. We also have the Little Seed book for the children to look at a read and to take home we made bean bags.

We did this last year with cups and i wanted to test out this new  i found way of growing a bean so the children could see the roots come out before planting it.

If you want to give this a go you will need: Zip lock bag, bean or other seed, paper towel, some water, tape.


We added the paper into the bags, you need a few layers so it stays damp when wet and then the little hands dropped in the bean and squirted in some water (best bit of course).

They then took them home and taped them to a window or patio door. Ours took about 7 days for the roots to start showing and after two weeks you can see both roots and leafs.


If you want to plant your beans can do this straight into the ground or into pots depending on the weather. Read your pack for more information. Be very careful not to break any of the roots when you do this.


This is a fab investigation to set up with kids and one they love to check on each day.

Happy planting!

Ellie x

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