Buttons is 5 !!!

21st 06 2016. Posted in Making & Baking, Parties by elliekelly





As I sit in the Buttons office on my last week before Maternity leave starts (eek) I cant quite believe that Buttons Children’s Parties is 5 years old this June!

Time has flown by and I have achieved more than I thought possible when I decided to start my own children’s party company. I have an amazing team to work with and some of the very best clients. I have also had the very best time over the last 5 years.

Buttons has not only let me enjoy the life style I wanted. Working from home with a dog keeping my feet warm, laughing with children on a weekly basis and using my creativity, but it has also taught me a great deal about running a company and the ambition to keep creating the life I want where work is a joy not a chore.

It’s going to be interesting to see how I do as a mum boss and I am very sure I have a whole lot of learning to do over the next few years! I am so excited about my families future and that of Buttons Parties though and have some big plans for both.

With all the baby planning (how do tiny babies need so much stuff!!) I haven’t had time to do a party to celebrate Buttons’s 5 year in business.

Luckily for me fate stepped in, in the form of Bob Books. Bob Books emailed me to ask if I would be interested in creating a photo book. What a perfect way to celebrate 5 years of parties and fun by documenting them in a beautiful photo book!

So I of course said yes.





I have created memory books for friends in the past but I must say this was by far the easiest software I have used. You download it to your computer and work directly from it, there is no messing around with uploading photos or delay and you can do it all at your own time.

You can pick layouts or create your own and then you just drag and drop your photos in. It was so simple. The program gives you tips when you need it and you can also add text in if you wish. There are lots of book sizes and finishes to pick from as well. I went with a square 26 page photo gloss finish and I love it!

It was a joy to go though 5 years of party photos and I know I am going to treasure this photos book for many years to come.

A big Thank you to Bob Books for there lovely offer as I don’t think I would have gotten around to doing anything to celebrate had they not been in contact.

Not only did they help me create my fab book but they have a 20% off offer for all you guys as well 🙂

If you would like to see more about creating a photo book full of your special memories or your child’s party then just follow this link to the special page and use the code BBBUTTONS20 to get your discount.




Have fun!




Getting the nursery ready – time lapse

9th 06 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly


We have been working on the nursery on and off for weeks in between work and all the other job and with two weeks to go we are finally finished, i think.

How can such a little person need so much stuff!




Cloud Mobile

17th 05 2016. Posted in Family Life, Making & Baking by elliekelly

  Our task for the Make Films course I am taking was a ‘How To’ film so I made mine on the cloud mobile I was planning for the nursery.      

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Friendship & Bracelet Making Party

9th 05 2016. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  Our brief for this party was friendship, making bracelets and lots of colour. Amalia was turning 7 and with her 13 friends we created lovely beaded bracelets and played some fab team and party games. The main colours chosen for the table and venue decorations were purple, pink, yellow and green. As well as […]

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Memories to cherish – Make Films

8th 04 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  I have recently started an on line film making course with Xanthe Berkeley and I am loving it. I really enjoy making films and have been doing some for Buttons for a while now but I was keen to learn more and start making them to capture the everyday and special times in my […]

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Nursery Prep & Ideas

5th 04 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  When is the right time to start decorating a babies room? I guess there is no answer to that and it’s personal preference. Part of me wants to go mad and start looking for and making lots of lovely bits and the other half (the one that is superstitious) doest want to start to […]

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I won an award – and it’s gold

1st 04 2016. Posted in Family Life by elliekelly

  Myself and hubby went to the Surrey Digital Awards ceremony a few weeks ago as I was a finalist in the using video for business category.   I was honesty just going to meet some fellow business people that I know on social medial but have never met in person, have a nice meal […]

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Mixing Party Themes

3rd 03 2016. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  What to do when you have a joint birthday party and the children would like different themes. Just go with it I say. In an ideal world twins, siblings or friends sharing a party would like the same theme or aren’t fussed about a theme at all but in reality that’s not always the […]

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DIY Party Balloons

15th 02 2016. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

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Booking a bouncy castle

4th 02 2016. Posted in Parties by elliekelly

  Happiness is when gran arrives at the party with her granddaughter and you get to see the two of them throw of their party shoes and get straight on the huge bouncy castle. I love a bouncy castle and they are a firm favourites for kids parties so I have a few tips on […]

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