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Christmas wrapping ideas

For the love of brown paper

19th Dec 2012

Hello, Rachel here again.   Did you all have fun making peg fairies?   Today we will be looking at an alternative idea to the usual wrapping paper we all purchase in a rush very close to Christmas. Taking a little time out to wrap the presents with a glass of wine (or a cup […]

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Something nice for the Reindeer this year?

18th Dec 2012

We all leave something nice for Santa but what about those hard working Reindeer? A carrot, really?! A few days before Christmas why not make up some bags of reindeer food with your little ones to sprinkle in the garden on Christmas Eve. What do your children think a magical reindeer would eat? I say […]

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Twigy decorations

16th Dec 2012

  So simple but effective. I’m sure you have all seen vases and jars filled with twigs and lights in magazine and homes at this time of year, and it is a decoration that has been around for years. I have never given it a go though, so I thought I would share with you my first […]

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Crispy Cake Snowballs

15th Dec 2012

  Hello there! I am Lucy and I live in the South West of England with my husband, 2 gorgeous boys and dogs Mabel and Moose. Capture by Lucy is my journey through motherhood armed with a lens, capturing the milestones and the magic moments in between, making the everyday extra special. My blog is […]

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Party Prep & North Pole Signs

7th Dec 2012

  Happy 7th December everyone 🙂 Tomorrow Buttons is at Bluebells hosting the children’s entertainment at their Christmas party and we are super excited. It’s going to be myself, Stevie, Rachel & Phillipa as elves and we are balloon modeling, face painting, glitter arting, crafting and magic showing! This week has been all about the […]

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Christmas cards with a bit of magic

3rd Dec 2012

  Happy 3rd December everyone 🙂 A few years ago I did say that I would never make Christmas cards ever again. Surprise surprise that was the same year I made all my cards (hours and hours of cutting, sticking, gluing and glittering) and in the end decided it wasn’t really worth the effort. Yet here […]

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Buttons Trees

2nd Dec 2012

  Happy 2nd December! I had some great parties yesterday and am getting ready for a bracelet making party with 19 7 year olds this afternoon! Cant wait. Today I wanted to share some Button Christmas trees I made on Friday with you. This is is super easy craft for the children and they will look […]

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Sneak Peek

23rd Nov 2012

  It’s a short but sweet blog today as I have a to do list as long as my arm. Tomorrow is my first Christmas party of the season and I’m super excited! The theme is Winter Wonderland and Tinkerbell. The crisp whites, blues and greens work really well next to each other and It’s been fun […]

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Secret Cake Club

21st Jul 2012

  Look what Twitter has got me into. Do you watch the One Show? If so you may have seen their report about the Clandestine Cake Club and its founder Lynn Hill. The Clandestine or Secret Cake Club has been featured in tons of local and national papers as well as on Tv in the […]

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Felt handbag

I should not be allowed craft shopping on my own!

2nd Jul 2012

  When I’m at the checkout I always make a guess in my head as to what the total will be. I try and go higher just so I don’t feel bad. Do you do this? Well it hardly ever works, I have always spend much more than I should have. I went to Hobbycraft last […]

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