Buttons Trees

2nd Dec 2012


Happy 2nd December!

I had some great parties yesterday and am getting ready for a bracelet making party with 19 7 year olds this afternoon! Cant wait.

Today I wanted to share some Button Christmas trees I made on Friday with you. This is is super easy craft for the children and they will look really sweet on the Christmas tree.

I saw this idea on pintrest, It was posted by Donna Banks and you can see some of her other pin’s here.

All you need is some diffrent sized buttons, some ribbon or thread and a I used a collapsible needed to pull my silver ribbon though as some holes were pretty small.


Buttons Trees



2 Responses to “Buttons Trees”

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    These are so cool and effective. Great idea.

    • elliekelly says:

      Hiya, Thank you for your comment. I did get it from Pintrest though so not an original from me 🙂
      They are so easy though and lok so cute. I’m going to try some more colours tomorrow and give them to all my book club ladies and little gifts.

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