Christmas cards with a bit of magic

3rd Dec 2012


Happy 3rd December everyone 🙂

A few years ago I did say that I would never make Christmas cards ever again. Surprise surprise that was the same year I made all my cards (hours and hours of cutting, sticking, gluing and glittering) and in the end decided it wasn’t really worth the effort.

Yet here I am again!

I found the most lovely stamp when I was at the Country Living fair a few weeks ago and it’s so simple and effective I decided enough time had passed to go back on my word.

If you are thinking about making cards this year I would highly recommend giving this ago.


What you need


Cards & Envelpoes in your choice of coluor

Stamp (This is where I got mine)

Ink pad in your choice of colour – I used Versa Color 21 green

Embossing Powder (This is where I got mine) and it is Silver Holographic

Lovely pen to wright with


print, glitter and dust


The English Stamp company was doing demos of this as I walked passed and it’s magical!

You dab the ink on to the stamp, carefully place it on your card and either push down or rock the stamp(depending on your stamp shape) to give a nice even finish. Then you sprinkle over the power so it covers all of your design and tip the excess back in to the pot.

Next is the fun bit! If you have a craft hot gun use this, if not hold the card under the grill or over the toaster (don’t use a hair dryer). The heat reacts with the power and causes it to bubble up. The ink colours also comes back though and you are left with a raised/ embossed glittery design.


before & after



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