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Chip Week

National Chip Week Challenge – Bit Late

28th Feb 2015

  Ok, I know! How could we miss National Chip Week?! Possibly one of my favourite things smothered in salt and vinegar dipped in mayo or tomato sauce. Mmmmm! Now whether you call them chips or fries, prefer thick or thin, use a wooden fork or your fingers, there is no denying that in Britain […]

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Christmas cake Santa

Christmas Cake Santa

27th Nov 2013

  Myself and Mr Kelly went to Cake Kit in Fleet on Monday night to learn how to make a Santa out of icing. I am in and out of Cake Kit quite  a lot and was really excited when I heard about there Christmas evening courses. We had a great time, the pace of […]

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Paper Wreath

Pretty Paper Wreath

25th Sep 2013

  I started a new craft last night, I haven’t finished it but I thought I would share with you what I have done so far and I will post again when it all completed. I saw this idea in Hobbycraft ages ago and got all the bit’s I needed, I just never got around […]

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Cake Club surprise

Pinata Cake

5th Jul 2013

  Monday 1st July was the Fleet, Farnham & Farnborough Cake Club and the lovely ladies at Cake Kit in Fleet opened the doors after hours for us so we could all eat cake a chat surrounded by lovely cakey things. The theme for this cakey meet up was ‘A Surprise Inside’ this could have been a […]

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Pirate Bananas

Pirate Bananas – of course

14th Jun 2013

  We had a princess & pirate party last weekend in Wokingham and the birthday mum had made some themed party food that I had never seen before. Pirate Bananas! Amazing. I had a little Google and have found some examples from various blogs and sites so I can show you. A great idea that […]

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Washi card

Crafting with Washi tape

13th May 2013

  I was looking for a card for my dads birthday but ended up with a few new Washi tapes. I use Washi tape all the time for my thank you bags, in the office and sometimes for styling but I wanted to do something a bit different with them on todays blog. I have seem then used […]

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Chocolate Party Spoons

Chocolate Party Spoons

26th Apr 2013

  How to turn the humble plastic spoon in to a yummy party treat. It’s pretty simple and I’m sure from the photo you can figure out what I did to create these.  All you need is some plastic spoons, melted chocolate, sprinkles, decorations, and ribbon if you wish. Tip: I left mine to cool […]

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Crunchy Chocolate Easter Nests

Crunchy Chocolate Easter Nests

20th Mar 2013

    So simple to make with the kids and so yummy. What you need to make these cute Easter nests. Milk, white or dark chocolate Cornflakes, Rice Krispies or Weetabix Melted chocolate or coloured candy melts for decoration A bowl for the mould (or cake case) Your choice of filling for the nest. I […]

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Candyt Metls & Candy Coating

Candy Melts & Candy Coating

15th Mar 2013

  Candy melts or Candy coating as the UK version is called, is a chocolate substitute that does not require tempering. Flipping fanatic is you ask me. I first discovered candy melts in my Cake Pop book as this is what is used for the cake pop coating or hard shell. Candy melts do not […]

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Monster Sweeties

Sweetie Tables – NomNom

6th Mar 2013

  Hello and happy Wednesday to you all. I am delighted that the lovely Guide 2 Surrey team asked me to write a new post for them this month. After having a chat about ideas and subjects we decided on sharing a bit of information and some lovely photos of Sweetie tables. Buttons started offering […]

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Christmas Cake pop

Happy Cake Pop Day! – Who knew right

1st Feb 2013

  So in case you didn’t know today is the Official Unofficial Cake Pop day.   And for once I know why the day came about. It’s because 4 years ago today a clever lady with a fab idea make the first cake pops. Angie Dudley of start blogging just 4 months before she made her […]

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Flower Napkins

How to make flower napkins

23rd Dec 2012

  Happy 23rd December everyone. I have just seen that this will be my 101st blog post! And my post today is on the flower napkins I have been making this morning for my Alice in Wonderland/ Mad Hatter Tea Party, Party this afternoon. Kirsty did these on her Vintage home program, the first episode I think […]

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