For the love of brown paper

19th Dec 2012
Hello, Rachel here again.
Did you all have fun making peg fairies?
Today we will be looking at an alternative idea to the usual wrapping paper we all purchase
in a rush very close to Christmas. Taking a little time out to wrap the presents with a glass
of wine (or a cup if tea!) allows a deep breath and a moment to relax, well kind of. The following
ideas can be tailored to all ages, men and women alike and the best bit, you only need one
large amount of paper and alter the ribbon for the individual. Let’s get started.
I have a passion for brown paper. I also have a passion for lovely ribbon, ribbon of all colours
and textures. Bringing the two together can create some truly gorgeous results. Don’t stop there
include other elements such as paper doilies, dried flowers, pom poms really your imagination
is the limit here.
I have wrapped a few presents and taken a couple of photos to show my outcome.
Christmas wrapping ideas
This present started with my staple brown craft paper, followed by a square of green tissue
paper, a paper doily all pulled together by a length of green stripped ribbon and
green ric rac. Who doesn’t love ric rac? I finished this all off with a dried yellow billy bob.
Christmas wrapping ideas
For this small but perfectly formed present I dug out my stamps, a fantastic way to
personalise all presents. With a Christmassy ink chosen I combined it with a lovely tartan
ribbon, so simple!
Christmas wrapping ideas
For those small, loose items that are awkward to wrap, why not try a small bag? Add a splash
of washi tape (another minor obsession of mine) and a little ribbon or ric rac and hey
presto quick, simple and effective!
Enjoy the wrapping!


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