Secret Cake Club

21st Jul 2012


Look what Twitter has got me into.

Do you watch the One Show? If so you may have seen their report about the Clandestine Cake Club and its founder Lynn Hill. The Clandestine or Secret Cake Club has been featured in tons of local and national papers as well as on Tv in the last few months and, during the One Show, I tweeted “I would love to be part of a secret cake club”. So now, not only am I now part of one, I am the organiser for the Fleet, Farnham and Farnborough Secret Cake Club!

A lovely Twitter friend @emwestwood read my Tweet and suggest I start one up. So after a few hours of looking into it – and telling myself that for someone who spends most of my life on a diet – I really shouldn’t be going to one let alone setting up a cake club I did just that. Basically, the cake won out!

So if you like cake and meeting new people then I’d say this cake club thing may well be right up your street. To find out more take a look at the site here.

The Fleet, Farnham & Farnborough Secret Cake Club has its first meeting on 30th July at a secret venue (hence the clandestine bit in the name). I am soo pleased with the venue I found. The rules state it needs to be free, as members don’t pay to join or attend, it needs to have the facilities to provide drinks (that are paid for by each person) and needs to be OK with a group of ladies and gents (it is open to gents) rocking up with their own cakes. This does make it quite a hard task as not everyone is to keen to do this for free but it also is a great opportunity to have lots of new local customers see your venue. I will be telling everyone who has booked a place the day before the event where the venue is.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my practice cake run on the book club girls last month. It’s a raspberry and coconut layer cake, so fingers crossed I can pull it off again.


I am really looking forward to meeting everyone on the 30th, there a few faces I know, some people I have only ever tweeted, and cant wait to meet outside Twitter land, and some I only have a name for. I wonder whatevery one will be like, so exciting!

We still have a few places left so if you live in the area do take a look at the site and pop me an email if you would like to come along.




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