I should not be allowed craft shopping on my own!

2nd Jul 2012


When I’m at the checkout I always make a guess in my head as to what the total will be. I try and go higher just so I don’t feel bad. Do you do this?

Well it hardly ever works, I have always spend much more than I should have.

I went to Hobbycraft last Friday, on my own! Mind you, I don’t know many people who are 1. better than me in that shop or 2. would be able to stop me.

This is a list of things I had to get.

1. Large pink envelope

2. Decopatch animals

3. Tissue Paper.

This is not all I came out with. I am writing this blog because of one of my extra shopping basket items. To say I was excited when I walked past this display on the end of an aisle is an understatement. Hanging up was an arrangement of grey felt bags, all different shapes and sizes. Now this on its own – not exciting – but when you take in all the lovely, and I mean lovely, felt accessories hanging next to them, we’re getting there. The accessories can be ironed on or attached with a few stitches, it gets more exciting, the cute bag I wanted was only £1.99 and the stunning felt bird add on was only £1.49!

This bag only cost me £3.45.


Felt handbag

I love it




Tell me your daughter would not love to design and help make her own bag or have a bag making birthday party. There are so many add on’s suitable for all diffrent ages. Take a look on the hobbycraft site to see all the diffrent options


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