Crunchy Chocolate Easter Nests

20th Mar 2013


Crunchy Chocolate Easter Nests


So simple to make with the kids and so yummy.

What you need to make these cute Easter nests.

  • Milk, white or dark chocolate
  • Cornflakes, Rice Krispies or Weetabix
  • Melted chocolate or coloured candy melts for decoration
  • A bowl for the mould (or cake case)
  • Your choice of filling for the nest.

I used milk and while chocolate and corn flakes for mine. I have some little bowls that were an ideal size and shape for a mould. I wanted to use something hard so I got a nice crisp edge but you could use cupcake cases.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or over a bane-marie and then mix in a hand full at a time your crunchy cereal until every bit of cereal is covered but you don’t have lots of spare chocolate. You are looking for a nice crunchy nest rather then a block of chocolate with some crunch inside.

Next spoon the mixture into your mould and press in down into a nest shape with sides and dip in the centre. I used blue candy melts to create a drizzle pattern and also dipped one in to cover the top edge. Next pop them in the fridge to set. I had to give mine a few good taps to get them out.

The finishing touch, fill them with some Easter yummies!




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