Candy Melts & Candy Coating

15th Mar 2013


Candy melts or Candy coating as the UK version is called, is a chocolate substitute that does not require tempering.

Flipping fanatic is you ask me.

I first discovered candy melts in my Cake Pop book as this is what is used for the cake pop coating or hard shell. Candy melts do not need to be tempered which cuts down quite a bit of work and they set outside of a fridge with in a minuet which saves a lot of time and fuss.

You can get Candy melts in all different colours from you local cake shop, on line and at hobby craft. a 250g bag will cost you in the region of £4 and will coat around 30 chocolates.

I must say I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first used them on some cake pops. Cake pops are very sweet as it is and candy melts are pretty high on the sugar levels as well. Combine the two and it was to much for me.

I now use them at my chocolate making parties and they are ideal. I get the UK version from my lovely local shop and they are perfect for covering chocolate truffles as the bitterness of the chocolate off sets the sweetness of the thin outer layer. It just could not run the parties in the same non fuss and no waiting around format with out this cleaver little invention.

Below is some blue Candy Coating and I have used it to cover a truffle before decorating with white chocolate stars.


Candyt Metls & Candy Coating

Candy Metls & Candy Coating



  • Pop in a glass bowl in the microwave for 40 seconds and then stir, back in for a further 30 and then mix well until there are no lumps.
  • Leave it to cool for a minuet otherwise the truffle will start to melt in the coating
  • Use a small spoon to drop in your truffle and then cover before taking it out and placing it on some backing sheet
  • If adding decorations you need to do this fast as it will start to set strait away


Do you use Candy melts, if so what for?





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