Happy Cake Pop Day! – Who knew right

1st Feb 2013

Christmas Cake pop


So in case you didn’t know today is the Official Unofficial Cake Pop day.


And for once I know why the day came about. It’s because 4 years ago today a clever lady with a fab idea make the first cake pops. Angie Dudley of start blogging just 4 months before she made her first cake pop and since then the cake pop craze has gone..well crazy.

The story is pretty amazing and inspiring so I urge you to pop over and take a look after you have read this blog. I will pop a link below for you.

I have one of her books and have indeed made some of the cake pops. I have only just realised I have never blogged  about them though so I will pop that on my blog to do list.

Below are some photos of the cake pops in the book and from the creator of the cake pop herself. The cake pops at the top are my first ever pops from Christmas 2011.


 Cake Pops Kids Cake Pops Cake pop day



With the job I have I have seen quite a few cake pops. I think there really really cute and I know the kids LOVE them. They are a bit sweet for me (lots of American recipes are) so next time I’m going to try and de sweeten them and I will let you know how I get on.

If you have any photos of cake pops you love or you have made pop over the the facebook page and share them.

For more on the adventure of the cake pops creations follow this link.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂




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