Pinata Cake

5th Jul 2013


Monday 1st July was the Fleet, Farnham & Farnborough Cake Club and the lovely ladies at Cake Kit in Fleet opened the doors after hours for us so we could all eat cake a chat surrounded by lovely cakey things.

The theme for this cakey meet up was ‘A Surprise Inside’ this could have been a hidden pattern, ingredient or something else. We all decided on this theme because one of our lovely members (Katherine) made a fantastic checker board cake at our last meeting and were so impressed we all set our selves a bigger challenge.

We had 8 cakes in total and they were all fantastic.

Cake Club surprise

Clandestine Cake Club


I had seen a cake on pintrest that I just had to give ago so my challenge was a round piñata cake.

I checked out the original post from A Subtel Revelry to see how they made there’s and then winged it. I had two tin bowls already so that was easy. I mixed up a vanilla sponge (they suggest a box cake mix) and then after dividing the mix between the two tins I baked them for just over an hour! Yes it took that long. My oven is not the best but they did seem to take a while, in the end called it a day.

Once cooled I knocked them out of the tins and after seeing that the bottoms were still quite soft I decided to pop them back in the oven for 10 minuets with out the tins. I was worried about the cake collapsing in so it’s fair to say I over cooked the cakes a bit. The outsides were a bit dry however my aim was for the effect to work so I’m going to work on the taste next time!

I then cut off the tops and spooned a well in each cake. Next I filled the cake with Smarties and stuck them together with butter icing. These sections were all really easy.

I them popped it on a cake stand and started covering the cake with the same butter icing and of course added the final touch, sprinkles.


Pinata Cake

Pinata Cake


I was pretty pleased with the end result!

A massive well done to the original Pinata cake bloggers (link above) for sharing this fab idea, I will definitely be making this one again and again!

Ellie x


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  1. Daniel says:

    Definitely going to try this for a friends birthday later this month! Genius!

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