Christmas Cake Santa

27th Nov 2013


Myself and Mr Kelly went to Cake Kit in Fleet on Monday night to learn how to make a Santa out of icing.

I am in and out of Cake Kit quite  a lot and was really excited when I heard about there Christmas evening courses. We had a great time, the pace of working though the process was perfect, nice clear instruction from Georgie and a lovely atmosphere.

I am pretty proud of my Santa and even though I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas cake I might just have to get one so I can stand him on too of it.

Christmas cake Santa



4 Responses to “Christmas Cake Santa”

  1. Verity Fields says:

    Amazing! Well done Ellie, your Santa looks fantastic.

  2. Wow – I think you’ve done an amazing job! I have 4 young daughters so am always making cakes for them and looking for new topper ideas – this little fellow will be just perfect on our currently “resting” Christmas cake! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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