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Must-see shows for kids

Must-See Shows for kids

22nd Apr 2015

  I love going to the theatre but it’s something I have not don’t in an age. I’m definitely going to put that right this year though. But what to see?! Have you taken your child to see a show in London? I remember going to a few as a child and not just in London […]

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World Book day

Last Min Ideas – World Book Day

4th Mar 2015

  It’s world book day tomorrow. Don’t panic if you need a costume and your little one doesn’t have one yet. Here are some fab and pretty easy ideas we have gathered for you from the web. Superman is just tooo cute!     For links to each of these images follow this LINK   […]

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Frozen Fever – It’s back!

2nd Mar 2015

  The new Frozen film is out on the 13th March, Its called Frozen Fever. You can say that again. It’s about 7 minuets long and is all about Anna’s birthday party. Here comes the clever bit though, Disney knows what’s it’s doing. You can only see the new Frozen mini movie by going to […]

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The Gruffalo Trail

20th Feb 2015

  Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo?! Well I have a slight confession, I hadn’t read the book until about 6 months ago! Yes I know, it’s one of the most well-known children’s books around, and although I have heard of it, I never knew the story line! However, once I read the book, I must […]

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Imagine Festival

Imagine Children’s Festival – Half Term

13th Feb 2015

    Half Term is here!! I bet the children are extremely excited. Which kid doesn’t love having a break from school?! So as the children rejoice at some time off, mums and dads you may be planning some fun things for them to do and I have just the thing.     The South […]

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Doodle Day

National Doodle Day!

6th Feb 2015

      Every week there seems to be some sort of celebration, awareness or national day, and this week is National Doodle Day! Now to me this is one of the best national days as it highlights a really important cause BUT it is so so simple to get involved! All you need is […]

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Something cool with the kids – Donutting

30th Jan 2015

  I must say this year I’m extremely disappointed that in Hampshire we haven’t had any snow! (Sorry but I’m not counting the few snowflakes we had yesterday). I know it causes lots of disruptions but there really is something beautiful about England when the floor is white and the trees are frosty! Snow always […]

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Something cool – BeWILDerwood

23rd Jan 2015

  Whether it’s creating imaginary friends, making up games or becoming fully immersed in a story or film there is no denying children have great imaginations! Which is why I was so excited when I found out about BeWILDerwood. For those of you who don’t know, BeWILDerwood is an adventure park made up of, treehouses, […]

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Cute bracelet gifts

28th Aug 2014

    A resent client wanted some bracelets to use as thank you gifts for her daughters party guests. Like lots she was keen to spend the money on something useful the children would keep and cherish. The party was a pretty girly one so bracelets were the perfect choice. I found a lovely supplier who was happy […]

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Candyland party

Candyland Christmas party

25th Nov 2013

  December seems to be speeding up on us hear at Buttons. I’m sure it is for everyone. Myself and Stevie have not done any Christmas shopping at all yet, and we have a whole host of really exciting parties to prep for so I don’t see it happening any time soon. eek. One of our […]

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Bumper Book of Summer

Sainsburys Bumper Book of Summer

9th Aug 2013

  I am always on the look out for new party ideas, games and things to do with the children, so when I saw this book on the shelf I thought why not get it and see if it has any gems inside. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t find anything mind […]

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big balloons

Big Blue Balloon Love

31st May 2013

    I have had this giant lovely balloon for over a week and I was actually so excited about blowing it up that I didn’t. I know that does not quite make sense, I think it’s a bit like leaving the best chip till last or opening the biggest present at the end.     […]

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