Something cool – BeWILDerwood

23rd Jan 2015


Whether it’s creating imaginary friends, making up games or becoming fully immersed in a story or film there is no denying children have great imaginations! Which is why I was so excited when I found out about BeWILDerwood.


For those of you who don’t know, BeWILDerwood is an adventure park made up of, treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, boat trips, marsh walks and much more.  Children and adults alike are encouraged to let their imaginations run away with them by exploring the different areas within the park. Not only this, but the park has its own characters who are all featured in Tom Blofeld’s book, A Boggle at BeWILDerwood. The story follows Swampy the marsh boggle who struggles to overcome his fears and be a little braver. But whether you’ve read the book or not, BeWILDerwood promises lots of fun for the little ones.


From looking at the website I think BeWILDerwood is definitely worth a visit. It is so refreshing to see an adventure park that isn’t packed with mechanical rides (don’t get me wrong I love these as well!). But BeWILDerwood allows children to experience nature as well as burning off some energy and exercising their minds. Not only this, but BeWILDerwood actively encouraged parents to play with their children. Yes that’s right mums and dads you get to experience thrills like the sky maze and BeWILDerboats as well!

As you can probably tell I am quite a fan of BeWILDerwood, despite never having been there. They even have a section on their website on how to make some BeWILDerwood themed snacks. Which I think is a brilliant way to get children excited –not that they need it- about their visit.

Since first hearing about BeWILDerwood about two years ago, the park seems to have gone from strength to strength and is definitely somewhere I would love to visit. It’s just such a shame it is so far from our base in Fleet!

Have you been to BeWILDerwood? What did you think of this adventure park?

Stevie x


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