Candyland Christmas party

25th Nov 2013


December seems to be speeding up on us hear at Buttons. I’m sure it is for everyone.

Myself and Stevie have not done any Christmas shopping at all yet, and we have a whole host of really exciting parties to prep for so I don’t see it happening any time soon. eek.

One of our parties is for a corporate office in London that booked us in the Summer. We proposed a few different themes but as it’s an America office we were delighted when they picked the Candyland theme we suggested.

We are turning the canteen into a wonderland of sweets and magic and creating a sweetie table to match as well as souring and wrapping all the gifts and providing enteritnment. This afternoon is order day and I’m so looking forward to creating all the props!

Here is a link to our public printrest Candyland themed board.



Candyland partyFrom Birds Party Blog


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