Something cool with the kids – Donutting

30th Jan 2015


I must say this year I’m extremely disappointed that in Hampshire we haven’t had any snow! (Sorry but I’m not counting the few snowflakes we had yesterday). I know it causes lots of disruptions but there really is something beautiful about England when the floor is white and the trees are frosty! Snow always makes me feel very childish as well. I love building snowmen, racing down hills on sledges and most importantly the bowl of hot soup to warm up after!

So as I am desperate for snow in Hampshire and slightly jealous of those up North who have recently been blessed with the white stuff, I have been inspired for my next blog by Guilford’s Dry Ski Slope.


This dry ski slope located in the grounds of Christ College Guilford, offers hours of guaranteed fun that is usually only found abroad at Ski resorts! At Christ College Ski Club you can of course learn to ski. BUT the thing that really caught my eye was donutting (or tubing as it is also known)!!!

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with donutting, it is where you sit in an inflatable ring and slide down a slope – if you’re like me, trying to pick up as much speed as possible. It sounds extremely simple but trust me there are many laughs to be had here! I have previously done this activity and it is a great way to burn off some energy with friends or family and you are guaranteed to be laughing the entire time

For this activity it is recommended that you wear long sleeved tops as well as trousers, gloves and sturdy shoes. But might I add that you do get extremely hot, so I would suggest wearing layers that you can remove accordingly.  They also ask that anyone under 16 brings a helmet to wear (bicycle helmet is fine). I’m not sure if you can hire helmets so if I have inspired you to go, it is worth giving them a call if you do not have your own.

There is a minimum age for this activity but mums and dads you will be pleased to know there is no maximum! The minimum age for this is 6 years old. Which I think is completely understandable, as carrying/dragging donuts to the top of the slope can be quite demanding. So mums and dads even if you don’t want to donut, little ones may need some assistance in getting donuts back to the top.

Overall, I think this is a great activity for those who have lots of energy and are ready to move on from the soft play centres (as fun as they are), as there is something slightly more grown up about it yet with the same amount of fun and a certain adrenaline rush!

For an hours donutting it costs £10 per person, with no extra charge for spectators and children do not need to be accompanied by a participating adult.

So while I’m doing my snow dance/ keeping everything crossed in the hope of getting some snow, why not visit this dry ski slope and let us know what you think?

Stevie 🙂


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