Must-See Shows for kids

22nd Apr 2015

Must-see shows for kids


I love going to the theatre but it’s something I have not don’t in an age. I’m definitely going to put that right this year though. But what to see?!

Have you taken your child to see a show in London? I remember going to a few as a child and not just in London but also smaller theatre’s like Woking.

Out of the top 10 musicals to see at the moment I have only seen 3 of them! Poor show. I have seen the Lion King (sooo amazing), Wicked and Phantom of the Opera and I think next on the list is Charlie and The Chocolate factory, currently at number 10.


I think the top shows for children would be:

The Lion King

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Billy Elliot


Bugsy Malone

Wicked 8 years +

What have you been to see and your kids loved?





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