acorn hunt

1st Oct 2018


One of our Autumn session at forest school this year has been a little acorn hunt, but with a twist.


We asked the children (with help of their parents) to collect 6 acorns from around the site and then go and hide them all in different places. This is just what the squirrels will have been doing and it’s really fun to see how easy it is to remember where all the acorns are.

Little hint, it’s not that easy and squirrels must be really cleaver to remember all their hiding places even after a long time.

We then had some free play before the kids were sent to go and look for them again. A few found all 6 but most came back with 3/4. It a great way to get them exploring in the woods, to really start looking at the ground and whats around. Piles of leaves, sticks, stones, tree roots, even rabbit holes. The kids found some fab places.

To go with this session i read ‘The Squirrels who Squabbled’ by Rachel Bright. It’s a great rhyming story about two squirrels after the same pine nut and how working together in the end was much more fun than against each other.

This would be a nice little autumn activity on a family walk (if you going back the way you came!) or in the garden.


Ellie x



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