craft binoculars

2nd Sep 2018


We made some binoculars this week so Neive could go bird spotting. She is super keen on looking out for birds and then naming all their parts “wings, two wings, beak” ect.

It’s super cute 🙂


You could use anything to decorate your toilet rolls but we used paint sticks, washi tape and wool. I think gluing them together would have been better if you have the time for them to dry, but we used double side tape that did the job.

They got quite a bit of use in the garden and also came with us on our Sunday picnic and kept Neive busy for at least half the walk so this was a total win craft!



Neive did move on from spotting birds to spotting dada, milo and mum mum quite a lot as we stomped though the fields. After our walk in Tilford we had a picnic near the green and then a fab paddle and play in the stream. It was was colder than standing in a bucket of ice! It’s a good job i lost the feeling in my feet quickly, i doth my cap to the kids in only their pants climbing around the bridge.

If your looking for a nice picnic spot around Surrey head to Tilford, there is a nice pub, cricket on the green, great swim spot for the dogs and a nice little village shop.



I’m now going to look up other crafts like this one that we can take out on walks with us.

Ellie x




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