adopt a cat party

4th Jun 2018


I love finding the perfect party for a child.

The brief for this Buttons party was a cat theme with some crafts and games. After chatting though some options I mentioned a lovely adopt a cat party I had seen on Pintrest and the birthday girls mum thought it would be perfect.

With this theme in mind I planned out the two hours.



The children had a lovely welcome to the party with bubbles in the garden followed by decorating cat and dog shaped biscuits with icing and sprinkles. Next, they picked their cat or dog friend that they would be taking home as their party gift.

To officially be able to take them home they needed to make up name and add it to their pet certificates and then pick a bell collar for them to wear home. They all had little boxes to go home in as well. For this party the party mum sources the teddies and boxes.



Next it was time for party food and to sing happy birthday and we finished with some fab party games including a cat pass the parcel and cat piñata.

Ellie x



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