Snow Dog

Happy Snow Day

18th Jan 2013

  Hello everyone, Well when I woke up this morning I was disappointed, no snow again. However by the time Me & Milo went for a morning walk it was falling nicely. We now have quite a lot of now in Fleet! Not the most ideal weather for spending the day sorting out the garage […]

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Art Trip to the Tate Modern

Inspiration at the Tate Modern

11th Jan 2013

  As some of you may know from other posts and the About Ellie bit on the Buttons site I used to work in a school. It’s the school I went to when I was little and also the school where my mum is head of the upper school.  The lovely art teacher asked If I […]

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New Year, New Friends

8th Jan 2013

  Image by Kate Griffin Photogrpahy   I am delighted to be blogging to tell you, that Buttons Children’s Parties is now working with County Concierge and is there recommended Children’s Party Company. Yay! I met Samantha from County Concierge at Guildford Ladies networking event at the end of 2012 and after a further meeting in […]

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24 days, 24 blogs, 1 elf

21st Nov 2012

  This is me making it official so I don’t change my mind 🙂 I am going to set my self a 24 day Christmas blog challenge! From the 1st – 24th December I will be posting a blog every day…..eeeeeek. I decided to do this because although December is a crazy/busy month for me […]

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Embossing started it all

8th Oct 2012

  This blog was going to be something quite different. It was going to be about some new craft gadgets I found in Asda, one being an embossing set. I was going to tell why I had to get it and why my love of embossing began. But then that story is just to big to mix up […]

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A Christmas present to remember

3rd Oct 2012

  I was recently sent an email by the lovely people at the dotcomgiftshop. I am a member of their blogging network and they were interested in receiving some blogs about the worst or best Christmas presents their members can remember receiving. To be honest I took a look at their email and thought this […]

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14th Sep 2012

  Today I wanted to share with you some photos from an Olympics party we hosted at the Bluebells holiday home in Hampshire on August 18. Bluebells is no average holiday home – it is in fact very unique. It offers respite breaks 365 days a year to the families of children with serious, life-limiting […]

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Shooting Star CHASE

22nd Aug 2012

  CHASE the children’s hospice in Guilford merged with Shooting Star children’s hospice last year and together they became Shooting Star CHASE who support more then 500 families with terminally ill children. Shooting Star CHASE are hosting a fun filled event for the children and their families on the 2nd September that I was hoping I could help […]

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Cake Kit – A bakers paradise

15th Aug 2012

  I live in Fleet, Hampshire. We thought about moving last year and it’s only then, that I realised I really quite like fleet and didn’t want to move. It’s close to the M3 and so perfect for all the driving I have to do, we live with in walking distance from the station so getting […]

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Introducing Ewa from Little Bites

6th Jul 2012

  Happy Friday everyone. Today I wanted to introduce Ewa from Little Bites. You may remember her from the Sun, Sea and Sand post that I linked to Kate’s blog. Yes, she is the lady who made the cute kite cookies and rainbow jellies for my Kite shoot on the beach. I met Ewa though […]

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9 random bits about me

4th Jun 2012

  1. I still don’t like to put my hand down the side or under the bed (to many scary films and a vivid imagination) 2. I hate being cold. 3. My brother called me clingon when I was younger because my family always went for really really long walks in North Wales. I hated […]

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Introductions – Welcome to my blog

27th Mar 2012

Hello and welcome to my blog. Firstly thank you for stopping by and, secondly, just in case you are all wondering I can tell you now that Ellie Kelly is my real name. Well, actually, the name my parents gave me is Eleanor but, as my mum tells it, I explained to her aged three […]

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