Embossing started it all

8th Oct 2012


This blog was going to be something quite different.

It was going to be about some new craft gadgets I found in Asda, one being an embossing set. I was going to tell why I had to get it and why my love of embossing began.

But then that story is just to big to mix up with some Asda gadgets no matter how cool I think they are.

So this is blog dedicated to (in my mind) the best Nan and Gramps you could ever wish for. Gramps passed away over 10 years ago now and Nan just over a year. No matter how may years pass though, I think it will always feel like it just happened.

If this was a letter it would be covered in water marks, total mess.

There is alot I don’t know about Nan & Gramps, but I do know this:

– When we stayed at they’re house in the new forest Gramps would wake me and my brother up in the morning with a notepad and pencil in hand and tea towel over his arm. He would take our order for breakfast (fried bread an all) and then once we had moved into they’re bed with Nan he would serve it on trays, I’m sure I even got flowers in a mini vase more than once

– Nan loved having all the family over and would cook up a big roast for everyone with apple strudel or home made rice pudding for dessert. She  made sure no one was ever when hungry, there were always nibbles at hand.

– They loved doing crafts with me at the dinning room table and taking me and my brother on adventures. Jet skiing was one I seem to recall!

They were kind, cuddly and simply the best,  but the reason for this blog is to tell you about my love of embossing.

I had been on the look out for an antique embosser for years after seeing one on TV. I had a dream that when I had my own company I would use it on my stationary. I have wanted to run my own business for as long as I can remember.

I never did find one in my many visits to antique markets or second hand shops and I think I had almost forgotten about my dream, when this turned up at they’re house after she passed.


Excited does not cover it. My dad and uncle both said they did remember it being in the house but had forgot all about it. Needless to say it went in the keep pile and now lives with me. The punch is they’re address and a fantastic reminder of all the great times at there house. My Gramps was an engineer and we have a feeling he most likely made the stamp himself.

Just a few months after finding this I started Buttons.

One day I will get a new stamp made for it, but not quite yet.


And on Wednesday I will show you to gadgets I was going to write about!




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