Introducing Ewa from Little Bites

6th Jul 2012


Happy Friday everyone.

Today I wanted to introduce Ewa from Little Bites. You may remember her from the Sun, Sea and Sand post that I linked to Kate’s blog. Yes, she is the lady who made the cute kite cookies and rainbow jellies for my Kite shoot on the beach.

I met Ewa though a friend and boy does she have style when it comes to cakes, cookies and all things edible and party. When I was talking to Ewa about being on my blog, I realised I didn’t even know the answer to some of the questions. So it was really nice to have a chat about what she is up to and why she started Littble Bites. Hear is some of her work and a bit more about her and her business.

Warning this post may well make you want cake.


I asked if Ewa had ever been on a sugar craft or baking course and can you believe after those photos the answer if no! “I have never been on a formal course but have been baking all my life. I have always been very creative and self-taught in lots of arty-crafty things plus I loooove cooking so I guess my adventure with Little Bites came pretty naturally.”

When you have a creative job sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas day in day out. I have few places I get inspiration form but wanted to see what worked for Ewa. “I don’t really have favourite places for inspiration. However I really like rummaging through Pinterest and the US and Australian’s blogs. I have lots of ideas and projects in my head and I always try to create something new and unique without copying others work.”





What do you love most about your work and what are you plans for the future? “One of the most exciting things about my little business is that I can do what I really love and enjoy doing as well as being a full time mum in the same time. Another is a great feedback from my clients – that’s when I  now I’ve done a great job! At the moment I am working on a new company called Sugar and Chic which will be dedicated to cakes and cookie favours for weddings, vintage events and special occasions for grown up customers while the Little Bites will be purely for kids.”


Yum yum yum! Cute, lovely creations and I can confirm they are as tasty as they look. I’m having major cake cravings now!

Have a great weekend everyone x





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