Shooting Star CHASE

22nd Aug 2012


CHASE the children’s hospice in Guilford merged with Shooting Star children’s hospice last year and together they became Shooting Star CHASE who support more then 500 families with terminally ill children.

Shooting Star CHASE are hosting a fun filled event for the children and their families on the 2nd September that I was hoping I could help out at.  Due to work commitments and parties I can not be there on the day but was delighted to be asked to paint up some corrugated cardboard that was going to be used as decoration on the day. The theme of the day is Around the World. The brief: Do what ever your like with bright colors and some flags. My kind of brief 🙂

I must admit I had visions of the card covering the living room floor, newspaper and paint sounding me and a whirl of brush strokes. After a lovely day the painting would be done.

I forgot little Milo Kelly however and he had different plans. I did try to lay out the roll when he was a sleep but I’m sure you can guess that little pup was up in no time running all over it and taking a long hard look at my paint brushes!




So instead we went to plan B. I have been painting on the table bit by bit, section by section with Milo asleep on my feet and getting the occasions drop of paint on his back.

I’m nearly finished and due to hand it over on Friday morning.


Vietnam Flag


British Flag


I’m sad I will be missing all the wonderful children and their smiles but hope to be helping out Shooting Star CHASE again soon. For more information about the charity and the amazing work they do pop over to there site here.



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