9 random bits about me

4th Jun 2012


1. I still don’t like to put my hand down the side or under the bed (to many scary films and a vivid imagination)

2. I hate being cold.

3. My brother called me clingon when I was younger because my family always went for really really long walks in North Wales. I hated them and didn’t get the point (what’s wrong with doing nothing on holiday) so I used to “cling on” to my brothers arm when I got tired.

4. My parents have a chalet on Anglesey, when I was a child we were there every holiday and some weekends. It’s my favourite place in the world.





5. I don’t really like pass the parcel (I do it for the kids) I have said “that’s it, keep going, pass it on” more times than I care to count.

6. I really want a dog. My family have always had Border Terriers and I cant wait to get  one.



Trilby & Timber

Trilby & Timber


7. I can’t watch cringing programs like the auditions of x-factor or BGT. I have to leave the room or hide behind a cushion. Mr Kelly now watches them on his own and just shows me the good ones (yay for being able to record live TV)

8. I am deslexic, oh no wait a moment deslexik (open google) dyslexic. Who thought putting a Y in that word was a good idea. I’m rubbish at maths and my spelling and grammar could be classed as interesting.

9. I am part of the best book club in the world. 8 fantastic, creative, beautiful ladies who inspire and support me and each other. We also read books and talk about them.


Book Club Books

Just a few of our book club books




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