Inspiration at the Tate Modern

11th Jan 2013


As some of you may know from other posts and the About Ellie bit on the Buttons site I used to work in a school.

It’s the school I went to when I was little and also the school where my mum is head of the upper school.  The lovely art teacher asked If I would help out with an art trip to the Tate Moden on Wednesday of this week.

The day didn’t start of quite to plan due to an accident on the M3, I was sat watching the time tick by and so also my leisurely walk from the car park to the train station, my hot chocolate and my calm and collected meeting with the kids.

Instead I had run from the car park to the station (a good 10 minuet run and I am super UN fit after Christmas and no exercise in far to long) and greet the children looking like a bit of a wild, hot and out of breath mad women.  Lucky they are kids and so don’t really care.

I was with mum and we had 14 kids between us and in total on the trip around 35/40 children. We got the train from Staines to Waterloo and the kids had a great time spotting all the landmarks like the London eye on the way in.

We then had a very nice walk along the south bank where we counted boats and looked out for buildings we knew. Karma got me back for all the years I asked Mum & Dad “are we nearly there yet” every 5 seconds.

We went around the galleries on the 4th floor which had both painting and sculptures in and during the day the children had 4 postcards that they needed to work on one at a time. One one side they were to draw all or a section of some works of art (3D and 2D) and on the other side write down some thoughts such as whether they liked it or not, what it was called, what they would have called it, the material used, colours  ect.

As always I was delighted and inspired buy the things they saw.

  • In the painting below one of the boys could see a friendly ghoul and I didn’t even see it until I looked at his drawing of the painting. It’s half way down to the right.
  • The sculpture in the bottom photos was described as a jelly fish, suit of armour, alien and a ship. I’m sure there were more ideas I dint get to hear as well.
Art Trip to the Tate Modern

Inspiration in Art

Art trip to the Tate Modern


Art trip to the Tate Modern

shadow puppets

Art trip to the Tate Modern

My favorites

The lovey Tate Modern staff commented on how well behaved all the children were which was very nice to hear as they were really good.

The sun came back out for our walk back to Waterloo and it was a lovely day. I did forget just how exhausting it is spending the whole day with children though and add that to my run in the morning I was well truly ready for bed.

Do you take your children at galleries museums if so what is they love looking at?

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