Cake Kit – A bakers paradise

15th Aug 2012


I live in Fleet, Hampshire. We thought about moving last year and it’s only then, that I realised I really quite like fleet and didn’t want to move. It’s close to the M3 and so perfect for all the driving I have to do, we live with in walking distance from the station so getting into London is dead easy and I like the shops in the town that are also with in walking distance.

I wanted to tell you about two of the shops today for two reasons. 1. because The Great British Bake Off was on last night and if your anything like me, you will be both very happy and making a upside down cake this week and 2. because the owner Joanne is lovely. I think I told Joanne about my plan for Buttons before I had even set up the company and ever since she always asks me how its going and what I’m up to when ever I pop in. She even was kind enough to lend me some lovely items to photograph for my website when I was setting it up and desperate for images.

Joanne owns Kitchen Kit on Fleet Road and has this year opened Cake Kit just over the road. Kitchen Kit is full to the brim of lovely products but today I wanted to tell you about Cake Kit. Cake Kit is a bakers paradise, it has everything you could think of for baking from icing, food coloring, tins and cake boards to cupcake cases, cake decorations, incing pipers and cutters.

I first discovered Sugarflair a spectral paste for colouring icing in Cake Kit and I love it,  it does not water down the icing at all and you only need a tiny bit, perfect for my cup cake decorating parties.



If you live in or near Fleet and love to create in the kitchen, this is a must pop to place. I love the cake decorations especially the edible bones. They are so cute on cupcakes. Cake Kit also hires out cake tins and had some fab themed party ware.

For more information pop to Cake Kits facebook page or email or call Joanne at 01252812511.




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