homemade shortbread

9th Apr 2018


This could well become an obsession. Oh dear.

I really didn’t think making shortbread was going to be as easy as it was. My mum and husband have both made it before, but I had never given it a go.

Until now that is, and it’s SO flippin easy! It’s definitely going on my favourite list.

If you’re looking for a home bake for the party this would be ideal. Myself and Neive did some jam filled shortbread biscuits and them some plane shapes ones as she loves her plane cookie cutter.


All you need to do is get a cutter that fits your party theme mix the three ingredients, roll, cut and pop in the oven for 15 minutes. And you will impress everyone!

Plus it’s a nice easy one for the kids to help with, if like me you cant do aything in the kitchen with out a little ‘helper’.

This is the recipe I used.



Happy baking

Ellie x





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