going on a bear hunt

24th May 2018



Yesterday at Forest School we went on a fox hunt. A nice one!

The theme for the morning was the book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt ‘by Michael Rosen. I started by gathering the children on our big story tarp and getting them to join in with all the fantastic sounds and words in the book. Swishy Swoshy, Squelsh and Whoooo, to name a few.

Then we had to go on our own hunt for Mr Fox, a woodland friend who was missing.

We started in some long grass on the site and went swishy swoshy through it. Then we had to walk along the slack line over the swomp (made from a tarp) and we went wobble, wobble.


Next we all had to go through the lake (a trug with water in) and we went splish splash, splish splash.

In the woodland area we made a bridge from a plank and two stumps that the children had to go across and say trip trap, trip trap.

Just like in the book we walked into a storm, for this section of the course we all picked up some dry leaves and threw them in the air and said whoo hooo, whoo hooo.

The next challenge on our adventure was to go through a tunnel very quietly as we didn’t know what was on the other side (this was a pop-up tunnel in the woods) and we said shhhh, shhh.

The final thing was coming to a stony beach and walking over the pebbles saying clip clap, clip clap.

The children then looked around for the fox that was hidden in a cave like tree. We didnt need to run away from the fox so instead he got a cuddle 🙂

This was a lovely activity to do and was easy to set up. My two-year-old was with us yesterday and i thought it would be fun to do something like this in the garden for her.

If you fancy giving this a go at Forest School or home just gather anything you have around to make a few different obstacles like a bridge, tunnel, hill, storm, lake ect.

Start by reading he book and then make up your own words as you follow your course looking for a friends that’s lost.

Have fun!


Ellie x

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