Easter Egg Bath

2nd Apr 2018


It has been ALL about Easter in my house this week, I’m making the most of work being quiter and Easter is quite possibly my favourite holiday. I love Christmas but it’s all work, work, work in December and April is a much calmer month.

I got my inspiration for this bath when I was looking into ways to do my Glow Bath. It was on Happy Toddler Play Time

I didn’t give Neive the bowls and the spoons this time as she was having a quite a nice time just throwing them and we started moving them around based on their colour so I thought I would keep the other bits back for her bath tonight.



Neive is starting to understand colours, it’s still a bit hit and miss but she did have fun moving the eggs from one end of the bath to the other based on the colours (with a little help).



I got a great tip on Instagram for an ice play bath so i will be doing that one soon! Do you have any favourite bath themes?


Ellie x



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