Handmade Gifts – Story Stick

21st Jan 2018


A year of handmade gifts


My first handmade gifts of the year were a joy to come up with and make. And I have to say a kinda perfect one to start with. My friend’s little boy just turned 4 and has a lot of new toys to play with from Christmas and his birthday. I thought something not plastic or noisy might be welcome (for his parents) so I went for gifts that would create nice memories and experiences.

A journey stick. This is for him to take out on family walks and use to collect all the natural treasure he finds (rather than getting his mum to carry them). He can then take them home and keep them until the next walk and it can also be used to re tell the story of his walk or to make up a story of his own about the objects.

I found a nice suitable stick (go for one that is sold and not to damp) I whittled a section of the bark off and scored his name in. I also carved around the ends so they were round and had no sharp bits and to finish added a few colourful elastic bands to hold the treasures.


This is what they look like when filled with natural tresures.


I also made him two cookie jars so he could have some fun in the kitchen, head over to the second blog to see these and the receipe i used for the mix.

Ellie x




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