glow in the dark bath

15th Mar 2018


I have been planning some fun things to do with Neive on a Sunday evening for the week ahead. One my list for this week was a glow bath.

I have done a glow stick bath before but thought I would up my game. I did some on line searches and found a post from Growing a Jeweled Rose who has done lots of glow bath play. I didn’t fancy the glow water just yet so I planned to put some glow sticks in the bath along with a floating colour changing light, add glowing stars to the wall and I got some glow in the dark paint and mixed it with some shaving cream as per one of posts I read.



Neive wasn’t sure at first as it was quite dark in the bathroom, but she soon got into the fun. She loved the glow sticks and floating light the best and then liked playing with the star shapes.

She didn’t pay much attention to the glowing cream, but I hadn’t really made much and it didn’t glow as much as hoped so I’m not surprised. I think next time i need to charge the paint more under a light before i make it. I also think it might be worth getting a black light blub as this looks like it’s much more effective.



Have you done a glow bath with your kids? Any tips do let me know!


Ellie x



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